Social Stunts

What’s trending? Your brand, hopefully. From real-time events to on-brand jokes, social is based on timing, trends, and data.

We believe meaningful insights lead to meaningful results (aka likes and shares). We constantly study competitors, audience behaviors, and the latest platform updates (they probably just changed Instagram again while you read this). The result: we can build relevant and trend-worthy creative social campaigns quickly – meaning before the next trend happens.


What do shrimp and March Madness have in common? Nothing. Unless you make custom shrimp shoes. We did. And gave them away. Are we resisting the urge to say they were a “slam dunk”? Yes. Were they? Yes.

Snacktion Hero

Quite simply, our client wanted to thank the hard workers keeping the shelves at grocery stores stocked with the essentials, and their product, during the pandemic. With everyone rightfully labeling these workers as “frontline heroes,” we decided to take that phrase literally.

Dark Week

Who loves Shark Week? Nearly everyone. Who doesn’t? Shrimp, probably. SeaPak made waves on social (pun intended, sorry) by turning the popular Shark Week into #DarkWeek. Posting socially for the eight days of Shark Week as frightened shrimp avoiding sharks, the campaign brought 1.69 million impressions – more in the 8 days than social had in the previous two months.

Gender Reveal

Remember when people caught things/forests on fire for a gender reveal? Sadly, some of those things were real. This party, one big joke. Farm Rich put the word out that they were releasing Mozzarella Sticks filled with pink and blue cheeses for gender reveal parties. The result was a 970% increase in site traffic vs. the prior April Fool’s day, thousands of organic social impressions, as well as press and media coverage.

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