Elevating an 80-year-old brand for the digital foodie.

Morey’s Seafood came to Scout to redesign their seafood brand as it was picking up distribution across the United States. We knew that the website would be a critical part of driving customers to try Morey’s Seafood for the first time.

The process began with a deep-dive (pun intended), including a competitive analysis, SEO and information architecture analysis, revised content and brand strategies, alignment on business KPIs, and technology requirements from the client.

Built for the client and the customer
With hundreds of beautiful recipes, we needed to create a site that was both easy to browse and easy to update and manage.

Our site was fully designed around driving the user to try Morey’s Seafood. Visitors can pore over recipes, browse similar products, and search for Morey’s in their local store.

Look & Feel
After thoughtful, optimized information architecture and user-experience, we delivered an elegant, intelligent design. The website tells a beautiful brand story to support sophisticated, sustainable seafood.

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