Can We See Some ID?

Behind the spokesman and his animal friends? A strategy and an amazing brand ID. Here’s a snack-sized look on how we approached creating an entire new brand ID for Farm Rich.

Grab a Snack Right Off the Page

Well, at least that’s what we wanted our photography to look like. The new brand guidelines dictated how we approached the website look and feel. We spent days in our campfire studio reshooting almost every product and recipe imaginable to honor those guidelines.

Custom Snack Art That Looks Delicious

Our snack graphics rounded out our new look and feel perfectly. And even made for some amazing posters and visuals for internal presentations.

A Site For Snacks

When you launch a brand-new campaign to a brand-new audience, you can’t push them to your old website. Matching the tone of our spokesman, we made sure our made it as easy and engaging as possible for those who wanted to grab a snack, to grab a snack.

Let’s Share Recipes

From the website to the social feeds, our campfire studio was busy evolving the brand with us.
For even more campaign imagery, check out Campfire Studio.

Haven’t Seen the Creative Yet?

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