Introducing The Human Connection Score™

Our obsession with humans is so big, we made a service out of it.

Scout recently launched a new proprietary tool to track how “human” a brand is and the strength of that brand’s connection to people: The Human Connection Score™.

It started with a simple thought: The more human your brand is, the more humans will like your brand.

This score helps brands quickly identify what’s working, where there are areas of opportunity, and how they measure up against the competition. To fuel the score, we partnered with one of the most respected names in market research, The Harris Poll.

“We are thrilled to offer a quantifiable metric to our clients to help guide connections with their targets to grow brand loyalty,” said Cheryl Maher, president of Scout. “And our partnership with The Harris Poll gives us the perfect data to fulfill our score and provides the confidence to activate strategies against the data.”

The idea for The Human Connection Score™ was rooted in the research-backed belief that human connection is paramount to a thriving brand. Beyond insights gained from the score itself, Scout leverages data-driven analyses to develop and evolve brand strategies that deliver sustainable, meaningful connections with real-life consumers.