Farm Rich Honors Grocery Store Heroes

Right now, the folks restocking our shelves in grocery stores are acting as heroically as any superhero. Farm Rich is honoring their efforts of going to work every day and making sure all of us have the supplies and food we need by giving them the superhero treatment they deserve.

Over the course of the next 5 weeks, #SnacktionHeroes will feature 20 front-line grocery store workers who are nominated by their friends and family. For every hero featured, Farm Rich is donating $500 to local charity where they’re from in honor of their heroic efforts.

Ciera Womack, Senior Marketing Manager for Farm Rich, knows what these workers are doing is truly a sacrifice. “While most can help out by simply staying home, grocery store workers are bravely doing their part by going to work every day, working more hours than ever, and literally keeping us fed.

The #snacktionhero campaign puts a spotlight on all of their hard work and gives these frontline workers the recognition they
You can nominate a hero by filling out a form here.

Follow @farmrichsnacks to see the featured heroes and find out how you can donate to some worthy local causes.