In the best of times, most people prefer brands that feel more human. And in times like these, facing a global pandemic and economic downturn, being more human is exactly what people need. It goes without saying that these are unprecedented days for every person and every industry on the planet. No one is immune to the impact. It’s scary out there. We’re all dealing daily with more questions than answers. While there is no crystal ball out there to clearly lay out what is on the other side of this crisis, one thing we know for sure is that in times like these, human spirit and ingenuity always seem to find a way to rise above the tides.


The old rules and ways of business do not apply to the current environment. As a matter of fact, the new ways are still being conceived and implemented as we speak. Find ways to identify new approaches. Find creative ways to engage with your audience as only you can. Find ways to positively impact the lives of those whom no business could survive without. We’re all in this together. We all have to support each other. And whenever we do that, good things happen.


It’s important to understand that your brand values, the things that make you most human, have never been more important or critical to moving forward. Do not abandon your values.


These are challenging times and it’s important to show your allegiance with the rest of the world. You don’t have to have all the answers, but you and your entire team are facing many of the same challenges others are. It’s OK to talk about some of those challenges, and how your company and associates are dealing with them.


This is no time for keeping things close to the vest. Communicate clearly how you see your role moving forward during this crisis, both internally and externally. People need information and straight talk. Let people know how you’re handling the current situation. Even if it isn’t all positive, people prefer to hear the truth in times of uncertainty.


We’re all forecasting and re-forecasting the impact this crisis will have on our bottom line on an almost-daily basis. Some companies are hanging on by a thread, while others remain strong. It’s important to show solidarity and remain engaged with your audience. We’re all in this together, for however long this crisis lasts, and it’s important if financially possible to avoid going dormant when times are bad, only to attempt to re-ignite when times return to normal.