Jennifer Brekke
CEO, Co-Founder

Favorite SCOUT: Harriet Chalmers Adams

Harriet could do everything. Her talents in writing and photography took her all over the world from South America to Asia and the South Pacific. She’s best known for her bravery, as she was the only female journalist permitted to visit the trenches during World War I.



Cheryl Maher
President, Chief Strategy Officer

Favorite SCOUT: Isabella Bird

Never satisfied with settling down, she was an explorer, writer, photographer and naturalist at a time when most women were encouraged to be none of those. As the first woman invited to join the Royal Geographic Society, Isabella's travels took her to Asia, Hawaii and the Middle East. She was even planning to see China at age 72, before she died.


Kelly Rabinowitz
VP, Group Account Director

Favorite SCOUT: Gertrude Ederle

She was the first woman to swim the length of New York Bay, and broke the men’s record while doing so. It took until her second attempt because her coach made her stop during the first. Her response to that coach? She fired him because she “knew it could be done” and it “had to be done.”



Lynda Meador
VP, Talent Management

Favorite SCOUT: Sacagawea

Perhaps one of the more famous SCOUTs in history, Sacagawea was a key part of the Lewis and Clark expeditions as their translator. She navigated difficult terrain from North Dakota to California while carrying her infant son born just two months before they departed.

Yuri Gagarin.jpg

Z Gillispie
VP, Creative Technology

Favorite SCOUT: Yuri Gagarin

Not only was Yuri the first person to go to space and safely return, he did it before he was 30. He was also the first person to orbit the planet. It only took him 89 minutes.