Lead agency for leading frozen seafood brand takes to social media during Discovery’s Shark Week

SeaPak Shrimp & Seafood Co., makers of the nation’s no.1-selling frozen shrimp within the specialty seafood category, is venturing into open water with a guerilla social media initiative, dubbed “#DarkWeek,” targeting the wildly popular Shark Week on the Discovery Channel, the longest-running cable programming event in history.


Concepted and executed by SeaPak’s lead agency, SCOUT, #DarkWeek is a playful, multi-channel social campaign aimed at poking fun at the pint-sized role shrimp play in the marine life cycle. For a brand that typically lives and breathes by the tagline “Chillax, you’ve got this,” the content tonality proclaims Shark Week to be “the one week of the year we can’t chillax” – as voiced by the intimidated SeaPak shrimp.


SCOUT is launching the campaign across SeaPak’s Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram channels, including an engaging live tweet scheme during the primetime broadcasts for Shark Week.


"We’re excited to push the limits with some shrimp personality," said Mara Evans, SCOUT VP Managing Creative Director. "SeaPak’s lighthearted Chillax campaign already challenges consumers to not take life too seriously, so Shark Week is the perfect opportunity to engage with a bigger audience, playing with a new level of wit and humor – especially on the (sometimes way too serious) platform like Twitter. You eat shrimp at the best times of your life, with a smile on your face. So SeaPak shrimp love doing just that.”


The Chillax campaign, which launched in 2017, validates the idea that by adding calm into each day, busy families can reduce stress and increase wellness. #DarkWeek is a spin-off of that notion, joking that nothing is more stressful to a shrimp than a shark.


The heavily promoted Shark Week, premiering Sunday, July 22nd, is an annual, week-long TV programming block on Discovery that features shark-focused content and programming. 2018 marks the 30th anniversary. So, in addition to over 20 hours of jaw-dropping shark footage, the network is also touting a superstar celebrity lineup including Shaquille O’Neal, Aaron Rodgers, Lindsey Vonn, Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Kevin O’Leary, Guy Fieri, and Bear Grylls.


SCOUT summer interns, Will Aebi and Page Halter, were driving forces behind the idea – and, in collaboration with SCOUT’s SeaPak team, have created a Shark Week “war room” where they are conducting their primetime live tweets. Post #DarkWeek, SCOUT will maintain SeaPak’s social momentum with a strong Twitter presence in preparation for an aggressive 2019.


"Humorous banter on social channels, particularly Twitter, is an increasingly popular way for brands to grab attention," said Megan Grinstead, the SeaPak Director of Marketing. "So, we believe this approach will really resonate with our followers in a non-self-serving way. Above all else, we want to make them smile, but if they’re prompted to buy more SeaPak, that’s great too.”

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