Human Brand Method™

The Human Brand Method™ is the SCOUT proprietary brand strategy and activation process that leverages truth through insights to find opportunities for brands to connect with a target on an emotional, human level.

We create ground-breaking ideas fueled by these truthful human insights that deliver sustainable and meaningful human connections.

  • Partner Identification + Co-promotion

  • New Product Launch + Testing

  • Promotion + Couponing Strategy + Execution

  • Shopper-Activated Media

  • Creative Customer Journeys

  • ROI/Analytics/Optimization

  • 360° Campaigns

  • Experiential Activations

  • Digital Innovations

  • Social Media

  • CRM/Loyalty

  • Public Relations/Influencer Campaigns



To guide this work, we pioneered a new metric fueled by our partner The Harris Poll: The Human Connection Score. The Score represents performance across five unique brand characteristics to reveal how human a brand is perceived and therefore how it’s connecting. The score is the first place we start and is the key KPI along a brand's path.

Trust     |    Personality     |    Warmth     |    Social Impact     |    Fit

SCOUT tested and proved that the most successful brands in the world behaved not like brands, but more like humans.


Fact: 63% of people are influenced more by other people than brands.


Fact: The Harris Poll is the longest-running survey in the history of the USA.